Cloud Attack v2.0 - Changelog

Update 2.0

  • Added ability to slow down
    • Hold A to slow your plane
  • Added achievements
    • Discover them in the main menu
    • Notifications pop up in-game
  • Added score multiplier
    • Scoring a point increases multiplier by 1
    • Hitting a cloud resets multiplier to 1
    • Maximum 6x score
  • Added some visual flare
    • Dynamic post-processing effects when boosting/braking
    • Background parallax effect
  • Improved game, end panel, and pause menu UI scaleability

Future Updates

  • Improved audio experience
  • Code optimisation
  • More graphics options
  • Visual optimisations

Known Issues

  • Main menu achievements UI broken
    • For now, reopen the achievements interface in fullscreen mode, preferably 1920x1080.


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