With sixty seconds on the clock, you, a plane, must navigate yourself around the oncoming clouds, otherwise you'll lose points! Score points by letting the clouds reach the left side of the screen, and share your result with your friends.

TIP: For better performance, enable Hardware Acceleration in your browser settings.

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nice game :) if you wanna check my game:  https://munnir.itch.io/night-invasion


Thanks, I'm glad you think it's nice.

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but it's not obvious how to play, S D W ? i think you should do the arrow to move and a button to go back. keep it up ^^


The 'how to play' button is in the bottom-left of the main menu, but for my next game I will certainly add options to change the control scheme and make it easier to exit mid-game. Thank you for playing!

zoom and fly be like lit yeah